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West Roseville Counseling Therapists

Great work in therapy begins with finding the right fit

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, each clinician has their own approach and style. Read on to learn more.


Sonia Trefflich


Sonia works with children, adolescents and adults to facilitate mental and emotional healing. Some of the issues Sonia works with are anger, anxiety, depression, child abuse and neglect, self-esteem, and trauma. By designing methods that are tailored to meet each individual’s needs, Sonia is able to assist with working through challenges and traumatic life experiences.

Ellen Spencer


Ellen is a great new addition to the West Roseville Counseling team. Ellen loves working with premarital couples to work through some of the issues that affect committed relationships .. so that newlyweds are getting off on the right foot. Ellen is also skilled in trauma work, as well as negative belief schemas about self and others.

Sarah K. Hail

LMFT #96600

Sarah K. Hail, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing strengths-based mental health counseling to children, teens, adults, and families.  She works with clients to reach their personal goals for therapy by building a collaborative and supportive therapeutic relationship.  Her experience includes treating children, teens, adults, and families navigating challenges such as relationship issues, parenting, child behavioral issues, life transitions, loss, dealing with anxiety and depression, or a history of trauma.  She specializes in a variety of treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, and Family Therapy.

Ben Hoover


Benjamin is dedicated to growth and vulnerability, as well as the authentic experiencing of life. Ben is an insight oriented therapist, with a kind and playful spirit.

Debra Lynn Dorer, M.A. 

LMFT #83631

One of Debby's greatest passions is to help couples improve their relationship through Emotionally Focused Therapy. In addition, Debby provides EMDR therapy for individuals who have experienced trauma. For those who would like to add an element of nature to their therapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is available at her ranch in Sheridan, California. You can reach Debby at 916-276-3638

Ashlee Janzen

LMFT #98144

Ashlee's heart for counseling is evident in every single encounter. Her specialties include counseling related to infertility and couples who are struggling with the unique needs of first responders.


Brittany Kerr


Brittany is passionate about helping individuals find their most free and authentic selves through the process of therapy. She uses a person-centered approach to allow you to be the navigator of your own life and practices  a mixture of cognitive and psychodynamic approaches to create change. Her specialties include working with those looking to overcome anxieties, eating disorders, and relationship issues.

Heather DeBono


Heather has years of experience working with families to bring about the best outcomes. She has a heart for working moms and the ever adjusting balancing act!

Shannon Vitro


Of you are looking for a Gottman trained therapist with a passion for helping couples reconnect and strengthen their relationships, your are looking for Shannon. Her special area of focus includes families adjusting to children IN the process of helping their children launch. She also has extensive experience with gerontology, aging, and caring for aging parents.

Debbie McJimsey


The process of therapy is unique for every person. Debbie draws on a variety of approaches in her work with couples, individuals and children. Debbie's specialties are GATE/Giftedness, Adoption, and Couples.

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1430 Blue Oaks Blvd #120 Roseville CA United States 95747

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